Researching Intelligence

I started doing some research into the idea of intelligence. Is intelligence really measurable? Is intelligence important, or do other characteristics matter more? Nature vs nurture?

This topic makes people very emotional, but I will do my research intelligently.


Our soldiers are not fighting for our freedom. They are not fighting for anyone’s freedom. I don’t know why they are fighting, but we are told that the US Military is fighting terrorism. More specifically, we are fighting terrorism inspired by Islam.

I know Islam is a violent religion, and many of its adherents want to spread sharia around the world. I agree that those who wish to impose sharia in the United States should be opposed. Those who wage violent jihad (terrorism; use of violence to advance one’s ideology) should be arrested and/or shot.

My question for my fellow Americans is this: If we want to keep sharia out of the USA, why are we fighting the Muslims?

Local and state laws dictate when and where I may purchase/consume alcohol. I am restricted as to where (outside city limits) I can watch naked ladies dance, and even then the amount of nudity is restricted. The government has roadblocks to check for sobriety, insurance papers, and seatbelt usage. They monitor our Internet and scan our computers to see what we download. They tell us what we may and may not smoke. Incidentally, we have the highest percentage of our people in jail than any other country in the world.

We have restrictions around the nation on gambling, prostitution, smoking, drinking, pornography, nudity… We don’t have to worry about jihadists imposing sharia from Mecca; the enemies are in our local city halls.

Seven billion people

This Halloween the world’s population will reach seven billion people. The media will run “overpopulation” stories.

What bullshit! We are not overpopulated. Do some math.

Population density of New York City: 27668 people per square mile.

Area of Texas: 268820 square miles.

People in the world: 7000000000.

All the humans in the world can fit into Texas at density of 26040 people per square mile, which is still less than the population density of New York City.

The rest of the world can be used for agriculture or returned to nature.