This is another “only in India” story: Hundreds of Indian Girls Named “Unwanted” Choose New Names.

“Nakusa” (spellings and pronunciations vary) means “unwanted” in Hindi. Many Indians choose to name their daughters Nakusa. I suppose this is better than killing the baby, which is what some families do. Families with money get an illegal ultrasound and kill female fetuses. The lucky girls in the article referenced above get to choose new names.

In India, girls are not wanted. Girls are expensive, because weddings are expensive and families are expected to pay dowries. In India, boys outnumber girls by a significant margin. The article linked above gives a ratio of 1000 boys for every 914 girls. This gap varies among the states. A significant gap has existed for decades, and the gap is still widening.

Why do families pay the goddamn dowry? If young men outnumber young women (as they do), then the young man’s family should pay the dowry! Ladies are in short supply, so the young men should have to compete for them. Instead, the ladies are buying husbands. The notion of dowry in a nation where men outnumber ladies is stupid and absurd. Will female infanticide, abusive naming, and bankrupting dowries be eliminated now that every woman is guaranteed (more or less) to get a husband? No, this is India. The idiots are so stuck in their primitive traditions that common-sense changes are impossible.